Our story

Nestled among a bustling metropolis in New York-  A new era has begun - unfurling a magical happenance. Where food isn't food -it's a  journey. A journey taken to a fantastical world of delight where tastebuds sing in anticipation. Hold tight and get ready to be blown away. The world has been waiting for this.


Our Products

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Our products are created with the most cutting edge technologically advanced equipment to maximize precision in quality from initiation until deliverance. Each item is a flavor bomb at the brink of explosion. The taste. The texture. The shape. - it has all been artistically configured to enhance the gastronomic adventure. Our products are healthy. Divine and Kosher certified to boot. One bite of a 'kravy' will arrest the heart to its lustrous allure . Just one little nibble and there's no going back, life will never be the same again.


Our team 


Our team has a proverbial finger on the pulse, perpetually brainstorming, mastering, and producing culinary fantasies with utmost perfection. With an elite staff of highly acclaimed food scientists consistently and painstakingly testing and tinkering until the ultimate is achieved. 
Any product designed by  'kravy' masters has gone through a rigorous journey, earning the title of #1 product. A 'kravy' is not just another item on the shelf, it's THE item. Because a Kravy you could trust.


Our key 


There's innovation. There's talent. There's experience. We've combined all 3 - introducing a unique blend of new and old. Illusive yet real. Complex yet simplistic. In a word 'magic'. A kingdom has emerged. Kravy